Possible presentation mode with movement via frames in frame mode

  • 28 June 2020
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if you are in frame mode and the frames are not so close together then you can get a nearly prezi-like presentation.

I haven’t got set frames into details of pictures but with doing this the effects could be even better than in my result.


2 replies

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@mlanders -

This is a very cool use of the presentation capability - pretty much like those old “flip book” animations of days gone by! 


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I use this kind of “flowing” presentation more than the frame per frame “hard” switch. The visible grey frames and the titles keep disturbing me though. I delete the frame titles so it’s a little bit better, but then you loose the overview in the frames menu. My workaround is to use hyperlinks to jump from one place to another.

So being able to choose the frame color and opacity would be great.