why password is needed every time I open a board

  • 13 March 2023
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I’m logged in under my miro account. I even use the separate Miro app on my Mac. 
I have a opened board before (with logged in status) and entered the correct password. I then starred the board. 

And still, with all this authentication going on, _every time_ I re-open a starred board, I have to enter the password (oh wait, where is it again, which outlook email/appointment contained the password, or was it Teams, or Slack, or… well it was 3 month ago i really don’t remember, etc.etc…..)

What’s the whole use case of 1) logging in, 2) using the dedicated app & 3) starring boards - if after all these actions you still will not let me access my boards without knowing a password? I knew it the first time, right? Why ask again and again?

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