Why can't I access a board I created?

  • 1 October 2020
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A few days ago I created a board. Today I left a work group, and now I'm not able to access it again, since it tells me that I have to apply for access, but when I try that, nothing happens because I'm the owner of the board.


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@Martin Sobel  - A bunch of questions to learn some more and hopefully spark some ideas:

  • What plan type was this board created under? (Free, Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, Education?)
  • How are you trying to access the board? Directly from a link or from your dashboard?
  • When you sign to Miro and go to the team dashboard were you created the board, can you see it in dashboard/list of boards?
  • If in your dashboard, it does for sure say that the owner is “me” as in you?:


  • Are you still for sure a member on the team in which you created the board?
  • When you try to access, I presume you are getting this message?
  • Do you have more than one Miro account and are perhaps trying to view the board from the wrong account? (see yellow highlighted text above)

Yes, you are right, I was answering your questions and I solve the problem haha.
What was happening is that I left the workspace where I created the boards.
I asked to the admin to transfer the ownership to me and then I recovered everything without any problem.
Thanks for the help!