When zoom in / out some content disappears

  • 21 September 2021
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This is a very annoying issues. Especially when I have to present to serious clients.
I tend to add a lot of images to the board. So when I zoom out some of them just disappear!!! 

I have to zoom in to see them again.

Can you please fix it?

It looks terrible in presentations!

31 replies

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Dear Miro team
I have the same problem and so do many of my students. The problem didn't exist for me yesterday. I used the same boards in class. It's not because of the Wi-Fi connection. It is stable with high performance. I have no idea what happened in the background. But it would be great if you could tackle the problem as quickly as possible. 
Thank you very much
Best regards

I also have the exact same problem. I am on the business plan and use the boards to teach. I have been using the boards for about half a year and this issue only started yesterday. Please resolve this as its a major issue.

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Dear Miro team
I have had the same problem for 3 days and so have many of my students. The problem occurs on the iPad Pro (4th generation), both in the Miro app and in Safari and Chrome. Even an iPadOS update didn't help. It is also not due to the Wi-Fi connection. I have also connected the iPad to the fiber optic connection via cable without any improvement. I also reinstalled the Miro app to be on the safe side. The problem does not occur with my small iPad mini (6th generation). Nor on my iMac and not on my MacBook. It seems to be a problem with older iPads. 

Teaching with Miro is currently not possible - but what's worse for my students with iPads is that they can't work with the learning materials at the moment. The bug is so bad that the boards cannot be used by these students. It would be really great if you could prioritize the problem and fix it as quickly as possible. Thank you very much.

Best regards

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This problem is such an inconvenience and it has reared its head once again. What a shame!

The problem has now been solved. A huge thanks to the miro team.

This continues to happen! I can’t believe a bug identified many years ago is still just open. Sticky notes with no other boxes or things simply disappear when zoomed in.

I am prepping for a 300 people solution train event and now this.

Is there a fix for this?