Voting sidebar - which options you use?

  • 21 August 2020
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Hi guys! A little question for meeting facilitators: Of all options available in Voting sidebar, which of those you really use? And why?




4 replies

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@Vlad Ponomarenko -

None :joy: - I prefer to use dot voting as I have smaller workshops (up to a dozen folks) and I prefer the tactile/visual aspects of dot voting to the Miro voting model.


None - when i try to use it I find like Kiron I use dot voting. The voting options would be better if I could do this and show on screen what people have voted for rather than in the side bar. i also find that some people cannot see the voting come up and find dots more reliable. I have seen voting in another platform do this quite well.

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@Vlad Ponomarenko  Echoing both Kiron and Zoe, I much prefer dot voting so perhaps this voting feature may not b in the natural work flow of facilitators like us. However, I could see how this useful for teams.


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None - I love that feature, but it is buggy and therefore untrustworthy.

It also lacks the option to visualize the voting results for everybody after the vote is done.