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  • 3 March 2022
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I’m a consultant to small businesses and as part of my services we create workflows. I love miro’s functionality in that space.

However it’s not clear how I can invite my clients to access say a swimlane for a discussion. We don’t really need to collaborate on miro regarding changes but I’d like to give them read only access to work on miro.

Based on this they’re clearly not members as they’re read only participants. However it’s not clear what the difference is between a guest and a visitor - especially since a team plan has visitors but no guests. Am I looking for guest access for my use case and therefore may be better off with a Consultant plan? And in addition to that what can a guest do on my miro instance?

2 replies

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@Thomas Meier -

If your clients just need read-only access you have multiple choices. You could add them as team members with view only access which wouldn’t cost you anything, or you could open up a board for public view-only access with a password which you’d provide to your clients as Visitors. In the former case, they would need to be set up as Miro users whereas in the latter case they don’t need to create a Miro account.

This Help Center article provides details about the Guest capability but as it is a Beta feature, it could change hence my suggestion to use one of the options I’d suggested above:


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@Thomas Meier - To clarify something that @Kiron Bondale said.

For starters, with the Guests feature (currently in beta), Consultant and Business Plan subscribers can add non-team members/anything with a registered Miro account as and Editor, Commenter, or just Viewer on a board at no cost.

However, Team and Education Plan subscribers can only add guest Viewer and Commenters (as per the Guests help center article):


You could add them as team members with view only access which wouldn’t cost you anything

The subtle, yet important nuance here is that adding a guest (Editor, Viewer, or Commenter) to a board does not make them a team member as that would imply that they could see all boards, create boards, or be added to projects.

Another benefit of using the Guest vs. Visitors feature is that it puts you in control of which registered Miro user can access the board. With the Visitors feature, anyone who gets a hold of the link (and password, if one was set) could access the board. However, with the Guests feature, only those whom you have explicitly granted access to by adding them at the board level can do so. This would allow you, for example, to give multiple Guests different levels of access, e.g.:

  1. Guest User A only needs to view the board
  2. Guest User B needs to comment on items
  3. Guest User C need to edit/collaborate with you.

If you were using the Visitors feature, the permissions would be the same for anyone with the link to the board.

@Thomas Meier - To show you how Guest Comment access would work on a board that resides in a Team Plan team, I have added you as a Commenter - you should now see this new team show up in your Miro dashboard’s left vertical bar, and you will only see one board in that team.

And here is what I see now in the Users panel of that team’s profile settings: