Using the Miro Surface Hub app?

  • 14 January 2021
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Hey all, has anyone successfully used the Miro app on a Microsoft Surface Hub (the giant expensive touch screen thing)? Have managed to get our IT team to install the app on our Surface Hub, but unclear on how to get it to log into a Miro board and/or how to get it to display Miro boards that are associated with Teams meetings.

So if anyone who has used it successfully could chime in with the basics of how they got it working it would be appreciated - I couldn’t find any basic how-to info on the Miro site.

The workflow I tried was:

  • Join Teams meeting from the Surface Hub (where the device was invited as a participant)
  • Open Miro app from list of apps (the Surface Hub equiv of the start menu)
  • Miro app opens, but displays a blank (white) screen with no option to log into a Miro account

3 replies

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We are considering the Surface Hub so we did a quick POC. 

We could not get the smart drawing/ink to text to work.


was anyone able to work with Miro on surface hub?

Yes, although the smart drawing / ink function of the pen is not supported. We are using the web version in the edge browser.