Using selected frame-preset as standard for jpg/pdf export

  • 15 April 2020
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this time I use in a clientsetting the option to use the web-page-capture tool.

Very usefull this tool.

At this time my client asked if I can send them the pdf-file via mail.
So the whole project is really huge.

I decided to split the mail into more than one part and had choosen the “save as image” entry and choosen then vector-file as PDF.

I selected the frame, but miro ignores this and forced me to define the part of the board.

So my idea is:
Miro noticed my selection

and take this as first option to save the selectet part of my board.

I taken screenshots how it should be.





2 replies

@mlanders, you can actually right-click the frame (or click three-dots in the context menu) and choose Export as image. In this case, the chosen frame will be selected. Does it work for you?

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Hi Marina,

haven’t seen this before - thanks for the hint!