User List not showing

  • 12 January 2022
  • 5 replies

Help! The user list in the free version is not visible. I can see the seat count, I can download the list, but I need to delete some users and the list is not showing. I am logged in as an admin. 

5 replies

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@Robin Poncia - There is a no option to download a user list in the Free Plan, e.g.:


Perhaps you are in the wrong team profile settings - e.g., switch between them here:


Or here:


I have my downloaded list in front of me...but that’s not my issue @Robert Johnson. It doesn’t matter which team I look at, none of the users are showing up. It flashes then disappears.


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If elements aren't showing up and you are using a browser, the likely culprit would be a browser extension.

If you are using a browser, try disabling all extensions (a private/Incognito window usually accomplishes this).

Next, try clearing the cache.

You could also try the Miro desktop app.

If you are already using the desktop app, try resetting the application data:

@Robert Johnson Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it. It’s working now. It was my bad. I had my name in the search box and that’s why no one else was showing up! GEEZ!!!! User error!

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@Robin Poncia - Whooooops! Happens to us all :wink:

One thing I am curious about, though, is when you said you had a downloaded list of users from a Free Plan team. 

From my experiences, this feature is not available on a Free Plan, but perhaps something has changed?

If you go into the Team profile settings, does it show a plan type of Free?


And then when you click on Active users, do you have checkboxes?

Example - a Free Plan team’s Active users page:


And here is an example of a Team Plan’s Users page:


I suppose that, even if you do have a list, someone else could have copy-pasted it from Miro into a spreadsheet/document/etc.