Updates to Miro and installed apps

  • 16 April 2021
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Hello, I am new to Miro and switching slowly to other Cloud based apps as well. 

I have a general question on how the updates to Miro and its apps are maintained.

If I have a multiple apps installed and use them across multiple Boards. When these apps come up with new features, updates or any other changes. Is it me to update manually these apps or they will be pushed by developer automatically. I am mostly concerned about loosing my content, content style and tools certain apps will offer. Also, if a developer will remove an app, is it going to be removed from my Miro account as well with all  created content or it will not longer appear in the Marketplace.


I appreciate your help in advance.

1 reply

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@Krystian Kochanski - I have never been prompted that an app was going to/has updated.

If the app is made by a 3rd party, e.g., Clusterizer, then I would suggest reaching out to app creator.

If the app is an official Miro app, or to as your other questions, if you don’t received an answer on here after a few days, you could try reaching out directly to Miro support → How to Contact Miro Support