Tricky Question - View only and Work Challenge

  • 23 November 2021
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Hello folks, 

i have a tricky questions and challenge for you.



I am building a very complex hive model inkl. links on a board. Special roles in the company should edit on the board, while it is in status - public - edit - password 

All other colleagues should just access with status - public - comment - password

I have not the possibility to create a team in the project, that teammembers are “administrated” and have access by Team permissions. 


So my Idea was … I have a board to edit. I backup the board (designer board), restore a board  (public board) and set it to public with comment persmissions. So I have a second to just show and navigate in it.



My issue is, that when I backup and restore a board again, the link is changing. But i need a static link of the restored board, that it is continously accessible.

Any ideas (without increasing the licences - as i have no authority about that 🙂 )

Thanks for sharing 





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