Tool or Technique - which comes first?

  • 21 July 2021
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Hi there,

I’m getting more familiar with Miro, but I’m not a ‘power user’. I’m also learning and applying the ‘working backwards’ ideation and problem-solving methodology, which is powerful when applied judiciously. 

My question is, given what you know and what we are all experiencing (remote working, etc.) would you prioritize mastering an online workshop via Miro (the tool)? Or, would you recommend concentrating on the methodology (and related artifacts and deliverables)? 

Maybe part of the solution is having multiple people involved (facilitator and documenter)? 

Thanks for your perspective!


1 reply

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Hey Tim, 

I found the Miro Academy courses quite helpful, I still don’t consider myself a Power User but I do find it helpful to have a rough idea of the defined product capabilities before trying to figure out what it can actually do.