The authentication for Miro is possibly the worst experience I've ever had

Miro’s authentication feels like it’s trying to be more secure than my bank, and no, that’s not a compliment.

  1. It seems like I have to re-authenticate every other day. Check out the frequency of Google Enterprise accounts for example, miro should NOT be more frequent than that.
  2. When I click on a link, and have to re-authenticate, the default is to create a new account. I just clicked on a miro link that someone shared, there’s 90% chance there that the majority of people already have an account and want to just sign in.
  3. I sign in with my browser because it doesn’t open the desktop app, but then it loads, so it loads the desktop app, but the desktop app can’t authenticate itself, so it opens a browser page to authenticate, but then after that, it goes back to the desktop app and leaves the tab open. This is ridiculous. The authentication token should be system wide and if I have the desktop app installed, it should default to opening there first if possible, but at the very least, if all of the above issues were fixed, this wouldn’t be such a problem.

The quality of miro’s features is pretty hard to fault in most cases, but it really does seem like Authentication was designed by an intern.


To make matters worse, it wasn’t always this bad. It’s literally worse than it was several months ago.

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@Adam Pond - Without knowing your individual setup (plan type, personal or corporate network, managed browser instance or not, etc.) I could make an assumption that, if you were on an Enterprise Plan subscription, perhaps your Company Admin has been making Idle Session Timeout changes.

Personally, I am never logged out of Miro in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or the Miro desktop app (yes, I use them all for testing) until of course I clear my cookies.

One thing, however, I did note a short while back was that if I go to just, I am asked to login. But, if I immediately go to or, then I am logged in and taken to my dashboard.

Hey there Robert,

Thanks SO much for the prompt reply and with the instructions to check the Idle session timeout. It was set at 1 day so that explains everything. 

I’m looking forward to resuming my status as a HUGE fan of everything in Miro as of right now.