Text scaling when resizing multiple shapes


till a few weeks ago Miro’s text scaling when resizing existing shapes was the following:

- when resizing a single shape, the text size would not change. When scaling uniformly (SHIFT + dragging a corner), the text would become larger or smaller relative to the size of the shape.
- when resizing multiple shapes (multiple shapes selected, then resize) the text would scale proportionally. When scaling uniformly, the whole "Look" of the transformed shapes would be the same before and after scaling, because the text scaled accordingly.

I loved that feature, because when giving people their fixed size (to keep the board tidy and comprehensible in complex projects) frames to design flowcharts etc, they could easily resize their diagrams to fit the given space without having to deal with text overflow messes (and it lead to all kinds of weird font sizes across my boards, even ones beyond 999), but recently something changed which seems to break this (at least for me). Text scaling when resizing is now disabled even when multiple shapes are selected. This is an inconvenience, especially when resizing bigger flow diagrams etc:


Before Scaling
After scaling (uniformly) with new text scaling behaviour


Is there a setting to reenable this? A workaround (I tried putting it in a frame and then selcting everything + the frame and then resizing, but it also doesn’t help)? Or Is this a permanent change to the product? I am using the latest Miro Desktop App for Mac.

If it is a permanent change, has anyone found an efficient way to increase/decrease font sizes for shapes, text boxes and connection lines all at the same time?


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I think this feature should be standard, hope it can be fixed soon

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Hi @Magnus Meseck,

Thanks for sharing that!

We’ve replied to your email, please have a look. Awaiting your reply via email!

@Nick_Miro if it’s instructions on how to tackle this problem, my team would also love advice. Thanks!

@Nick_Miro @Alison Hemphill Yes, please share the advice if there is a solution, I try to tackle the same issue. Its really frustrating and I miss the proportional scaling a lot. Please help :)

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Hi @Fleur and @Alison Hemphill,

Thanks for posting! I’ve sent replies to your emails :)

Oooh I need this too! Made everything way too big and need to scale it all back. Please help!

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@Alison Hemphill @Fleur @Lisette Muratore 

Good news! (or not really 😀️). The Tech team confirmed this is an inconsistency. Due to a few reports, they have prioritised and are already working on a fix.

Rest assured they will get back to you as soon as there is an update! 

Thank you @Nick_Miro and tech team 😎!

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Hi @Alison Hemphill @Fleur @Lisette Muratore,

Thank you for your patience in this matter! 

We're happy to let you know that the issue you reported has been successfully resolved on our end. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this behavior may have caused!

In case you're still facing the issue, feel free to let us know. Have a great day!

I can't seem to get my frame to proportionally scale everything. The text stays tiny. Please help!

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I can't seem to get my frame to proportionally scale everything. The text stays tiny. Please help!

Try selecting all objects – frame and contents – using a click-and-drag, and then resize by dragging a corner/white dot:


Note: Some object’s text will not resize using this method, e.g., some diagram shapes.

Tip: Hold Shift while dragging to maintain aspect ratio.

Thanks, tried that and it didn’t work hence my post. I suppose I must have used object types that will not resize (rectangle). Thanks for your reply anyway - nice GIF

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Thanks for your reply anyway - nice GIF