Text boxes style, how to add margins between text and bounding box / grey outline

  • 1 May 2024
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I am creating a large background that is locked. Students will work with sticky notes on top of the background materials. Since it is all locked, when learners click on it, intentionally or not, the bounding boxes / grey outlines, appear around every locked element. When these bounding boxes appear around text, usually the outline is right at the edge of the words, making it hard to read. Image 1is how it usually appears: I am referring to this as “tight” bounding box.

tight bounding box, makes it less readable

Then suddenly I noticed that some of my text boxes had a nice margin around the text. Like this:

Nice margins! More readable

I am able to ‘copy style” for this text box and apply it (paste style) to another text box and get the same nice margins. 


my question is: 

How did these margins appear? I have no idea how I made this happen. I see no menu item that might have been responsible. Does anyone know???

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@Irena Fayngold - Some time ago, all text boxes has margins that also increased/decreased along with the font size. Then, in April 2021, Miro announced they made a change to remove the padding from new text objects moving foward:





However, padding will still be introduced if you happen to click-and-drag, even a little bit, as you create a new text object - here it is in action:

I have an exiting post for this issue and will update it when the experience of creating text objects has been made consistent.