Text and textboxes on android are quite broken

  • 5 December 2023
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[Third time trying to write this because I’ve accidentally gone to the previous page and lost the form data]
I’m using a Samsung Tab S9+, it’s a built in keyboard and touchpad on it’s detachable cover. I’m using miro mostly with a mouse and keyboard setup, instead of using it only with touchscreen.

There are two abnormal points to tackle.
1st: Text renders quite a bit differently than the browser on mac or windows, and this does indeed affect layouts. The text appears larger, and some words at the end of the line end up on the line below. This occurs both on the miro app, and miro via samsung internet browser. [images comparing windows (Microsoft Edge) and android (app) at the end of the description]

2nd: If you edit any text via android app, the text being edited grows abnormally large, but it gets to it’s standard after. The problem is that the textbox follows it’s size when editing, but it doesn’t get smaller again. [google drive video link]

Thank you for your time and attention.



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