Templates and their Source Frames

So we are going through the process of templatizing a lot of our common items in Miro boards - site plans, tech call outs, and things of that nature - to better share information between departments. 

We’ve saved out all our primary assets and templates as we needed, but now we want to clear up the Board we created them on to use as a clean, simple sample that can be used as a referenced gold standard for what all boards of this intended use case will look like. This leads us to the million dollar question: 

“If we delete the frames used as templates, will the templates remain?”
And if the answer to that question is  “no”, this follow up:
“If we copied our frames and template generations into a different board, would they still be referenced by Miro, or would we need to RE-export the frames as templates?”

I’ll be doing some tests myself, but if anyone had any insight that’d be helpful.
Our frames have a number of SVG items, shapes, lines, and in some cases images, though we have prevented frame within frame stacking as that causes weird glitches constantly.

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