Team member isn't able to edit the board

  • 16 June 2020
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I have a group of 11 collaborating on my white board and one person does not have the same functionality as the rest. I have created sticky notes for members to edit with their ideas. This member is only able to add a comment but does not have any other functionalities available to him. I have a free account and I’ve checked all the setting and can’t figure out the problem. Any insight or help would be much appreciated!


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Hi @Tatiana Oueini,

I’d try double-checking the permissions you’ve given to this one user by going to Team Settings → Active users (under Users & Team Management) → Click on the three dots on the right for the person’s name, and check to make sure that this member is on Can edit, and not Can comment.

Alternatively, from the board, you can also click Share and invite the member that way, double-checking to see if the link is on Can edit.

I hope that helps.

Michael Sohn

We are using a free plan and discovered a strange behaviour yesterday:
13 team members worked on a board but the 14th couldn't edit anything.
We checked the board settings and saw that his user should have the permission to edit (Set to "Can edit") and he is as well mentioned as a member of this board.

Do you have any suggestion how we can solve this issue?


(A technical hint is that our company has to mai endings the first and more common is and the second is, we have several users registered with the second were we didn’t had the issue but in that case it was also the not so common ending)