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  • 16 October 2023
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i just have a basic question concerning billing of team members.
My idea when using Miro was, that i choose a plan for myself and pay for it accordingly.
I then invite Miro members to my boards/team so they can participate working on them.
So far so good - however i was expecting that the other Miro members pay for their plan themselfes.
Its not working like that, correct? I have to pay for all the members who are joining my team?

Would be vary glad for some advice.


1 reply

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I have to pay for all the members who are joining my team?

Correct. If you want non-team members to collaborate on boards that reside in your team without incurring additional costs, you have two options:

  1. Visitors feature, aka, Anyone with the link - This feature is available on all paid and Education plans, and does require the non-team member user to have a Miro account.
  2. Guests - If you have the Business (or older Consultant) or Enterprise Plan, then you can use this to add a non-team member directly to the board. This is ideal, too, if you need to share with multiple people, but given them different permissions, e.g., Bob can edit, but Jack can only view.

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