Swipe left on MBP - throws me to the last website

  • 1 March 2023
  • 4 replies

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When using two fingers to move around a Miro board it works great in all directions except for swiping to the left. When swiping left on the trackpad at mackbook pro, the browser (chrome) will throw you back to the previous webpage.

Am i missing something here about the trackpad navigation?

4 replies

I’ve got the same problem at random moments and it drives me crazy.

Happen to me on Brave browser on a macbook pro.

I have the same issue. The only solution I found so far is to disable that specific trackpad gesture. For that, go to System Preferences => Trackpad => More Gestures => uncheck "Swipe between pages". Or you can change it to get it activated with three fingers instead. 

I hope this helps if anyone has the same problem.


This is making Miro unusable for me. I’m trying to move around the board, and the board goes away. When swipe up, right & down all work, then left should be left, not back!  Please fix this!!!!

Same issue.
Annoying as hell