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  • 20 April 2020
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Although the SurveyMonkey and TypeForm integrations allow for survey results to display in Miro, is there an app or functionality within Miro that allows people to complete a survey directly in the whiteboard and show the results, similar to Miro’s voting app? I want people to rank a set of features in the whiteboard without sending them to their email to complete a survey.

Thanks for your help!


Best answer by Kiron Bondale 20 April 2020, 18:30

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4 replies

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@carrieb -

For ranking product features, why not use a collaborative technique such as either simple dot voting or “prune the product tree” as both of these can be done well using Miro’s native capabilities?


Thank you for your quick response, Kiron! Where is the dot feature in Miro? I know I could have people draw dots next to items, but is there a tool that I’m missing?



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@carrieb - it isn’t a feature but you would do dot voting by creating a set of small colored circles (representing the dots) for each stakeholder, ideally different colors per stakeholder. Then, each feature would be represented as a card, a sticky or some other object. Each stakeholder would drop their “dots” onto the features they were keen on.

Here’s an example below from a recent course I taught where I had the group vote for the ideas which they had come up with before. Participants could vote multiple times for the same item as you can see in the sticky near the bottom right.


Great idea, Kiron, thank you for this!