stuck in SSO loop

  • 11 April 2023
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I was recently approved for a free educational Miro license. However, I’m unable to sign in.

  • When I try to sign in, it prompts me with “Your organization uses Single Sign On (SSO) with Miro. Please sign in using your SSO credentials.
  • If I try to do that, I get: “Error -Your email is not associated with the SSO Account. Request access from your Company Admin.”
  • If I click “Sign In without SSO” I am nevertheless redirected to the same login page for SSO -- it’s not possible for me to sign in using my work email without being redirected to the SSO login page.

How can I use my free educational Miro license if I can’t even login? I had to create a whole new account just to post this because in order to post to the forum, you have to be logged into your Miro account. I am totally stuck.

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