Spell check not working on the app or browser

Hi, I don’t seem to have spell check on either the app or the browser. I have gone through all the recommended troubleshooting steps and have everything enabled to allow spell check. I have also reinstalled the app several times and checked that I have downloaded the most appropriate app for my desktop. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution? 

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hi @Roisin Winters 

Are you using Chrome or another browser? In this help article, it discusses how to enable (and disable) spell check.  Hope this works!

Hi @ElvaMiro, thanks for your response! I’m actually using the app. I’ve checked the app settings (CTRL ALT, then click view and there is a tick beside spell check). I’ve also disabled spell check on the app and then enabled it again in case there was a glitch. I have reinstalled the app and I installed it through windows and checked I had the right version for my laptop. I also have enabled spellcheck on my browser too following the instructions on that article. So I am really at a loss!