Share setting automatically changes to "No access"

  • 19 March 2023
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Hello my fellow Miro members,


I have had this problem for the past few months where the share setting of my board automatically changed to “No access” when it was “Can Edit” before. This problem occurs every few weeks after I set the share setting to “Can Edit”. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem and how did you fix it.


Please let me know and thank you in advance!

3 replies

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@Napat Wannaphaschaiyong - I have never noticed this on my account.

Are you referring to the Team or public/visitors, i.e., anyone with the link share setting?

What plan type does the board reside in?

@Robert Johnson - Thank you for your response. It is the Enterprise plan.

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When it comes to the Enterprise Plan, I would suggest that you start by reach out to your plan's Company Admin(a) as they may be doing this behind the scenes, e.g., they could be periodically turning off/on the public sharing feature as a means of resetting the sharing to "no access".