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  • 11 February 2021
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Is it possible to set a password if I don’t want my board to be visible to everyone except the user I want to view?


Best answer by Soumyadeep Mandal 11 February 2021, 18:03

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Hi @Avik Das 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

Please read and follow this documentation/guide to password protect your Miro board

I hope it will solve your issue!

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@Avik Das - While, yes, your friend Soumyadeep’s suggestion of password protection for public boards will protect the board for those outside of the team, team members will still be able to access the board.

To truly password protect the board for everyone, you will need to set the Team access to board to No access and make it public with a password:



HI @Soumyadeep Mandal@Robert Johnson 

Thanks for your solutions.

@Robert Johnson 

I don’t want to password protect from my team, I want to hide it when I share it in public!

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As the board owner, can I view the password I had set. 
It’s incredibly frustrating when someone new needs to view the board. I need to reset the board and then emails come in from people who it was previously shared with to resend an updated password. 

Just a “view password” would make my life easier :) 

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Hi @Chanel Chomse ,

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

You can add your feature request to the Wish List category!

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Thank you - I’ll do that :)