Searching options (AKA: how to find things): a question before diving deeper

  • 31 January 2023
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I really like Miro and I’d like to use it as my knowledge hub, but I need a robust text searching:

  1. Is there a global search option, so that I can search for a string of text across ALL the boards and the projects?
  2. Does Miro searches inside my documents, such as PDFs, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, documents I embed from Google Drive?

Or: how do I find things inside those documents? Any workaround?

Thank you?

2 replies

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@IvanPsy - Only Enterprise Plan subscriptions support the searching of text within boards while searching from the dashboard. More on this here:

Searching uploaded documents

This is not currently supported and I cannot think of any workarounds. For example, even if you embedded a document (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) it still wouldn't be searched while searching a board (or if using a 3rd party app like Super Search). I can't even think of a way to build this functionality (that would be cost effective or user friendly) using the Miro Developer Platform.

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@Robert Johnson thank you for the reply.

I see, so I think Miro doesn’t have what I need for my knowledge base.

It doesn’t even have a decent mind mapping feature (no importing nor exporting from/to other Apps).