Scrollbar got too thin to drag

  • 22 March 2023
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Hey Forum,

Since one of the last updates something strange occurs: In 9 of 10 times I’m failing to grab the scrollbar in the boards overview. So in 9 out of 10 times I’m dragging the entire Window instead of the scrollbar.

The scrollbar seams to have gotten too thin to drag. 

I’m working with a Wacom board so there is no scrolling wheal.


👉 Is there a way to make the scrollbar more usable again and set it back to apple’s defaults? This is not usable for me.


Thanks for your support.

2 replies

I’m using in Windows and I also agree: scrollbars are tiny and hard to grab, especially in higher resolutions. How can we embiggen them?

Hi I have the same Problem - does anyone of the support Team reply on this problem?