Screenshots are not visible to team members on the board

  • 15 April 2024
  • 3 replies

So, I make Screenshots, but my member doesn’t see them 

I have no idea why 

So i see all the pics, but my student - no

First time face with this 



3 replies

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@Mariya_Kiryanova - Your title says “team members”, but your description appears to be talking out one specific team member, so I will ask:

  • Is this happening for for all teams (other than yourself) or just one?
  • If just one, and that member is using a browser, have they tried:
    • clearing their browser cache
    • signing out and back in
    • disabling all browser extensions (an incognito window usually accomplishes this)
  • Other things to try:
    • temporarily disabling any VPN/antivirus/malware protection
    • another network connection (if available)
    • another computer/device, e.g., phone or tablet (if available)
    • another browser
    • the Miro desktop app


It’s about first time and specific one member 

She is using app on the ipad

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This could be related to an existing issue with some objects not appearing for iPad users. I would suggest that you leave a reply on the following post:

Additionally, paid subscribers can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions: