Running multiple boards with an Education Plan

  • 15 October 2021
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We are running an undergrad teaching workshop with 650 students with groups of 80 students working on a Miro board. Last year we set this up using 8 different Miro accounts. It worked fine but was a bit of an administrative nightmare.  Has anyone had experience running multiple boards in parallel from one Miro account? 

1 reply

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@WMK - Why not just create 8 boards in one Miro plan/team/account, set each board's Share settings to "Anyone with the link" to "Can edit" (aka, Guest Editor access), and send each group of 80 students a link to one of the 8 boards?

Is it because you have 8 Education Plan teams that allow for 100 members each and you are therefore trying to add all 650 students as full team members?