Right-Click and the Pop Menu

  • 28 December 2021
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Question. How can I prevent the (mouse user) right-click activated menu from appearing while utilizing the enhanced, and improved - super innovative right-click navigation? 

Vent. As a regular Miro user and fan, I get using the spacebar and left-click drags and “V” to switch to the hand, however, when your regular users promote and leverage the whiteboard collaborative tool in their dealings with clients and partners who don’t use Miro on a day-to-day - it’s starting to get absolutely annoying, agitating, and we, not Miro employees, must ensure we have something similar to a “Miro Tech or SME” in our organization and then subsequently must block valuable time with the client in workshopping activities so that we provide a familiarization 101, and now a 201 and upper-level courses because of the bugginess and frequent updates. I am a huge fan of additional capabilities, but changing things like the left-click navigation to right is like having people ride a backward bicycle; where the handlebar has been designed to turn the front tire in the opposite direction. 


  1. Run a poll, compile and harness feedback from the update. 
  2. (mouse) Left+Right Click for the pop-up menu
  3. Maybe, bring back left-click navigation and right-click for the menu.

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@Roy - If no objects are selected on the board and I right-click and pan, the context menu does not appear. However, if the object is selected and then I right-click to pan, every time I let go of the right mouse button, the context menu reappears.

To stop the menu from appearing, you can

  1. left click on a blank spot on the board
  2. or press the Esc key

Here is an example:

Perhaps an improved experience could be that Miro de-selects any selected objects on a right-click and pan. However, there will surely be users who wanted selected objects to remain selected (especially when multiple objects are selected), as they may have intended to move the board a bit and then grab their selected objects.