[RESOLVED] Miro iframe embed on website not updating

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I have embedded a Miro board into my website but it does not refresh the content as we work on the board, not even after a few days.

Does anybody have a solution?

Please and thank you!

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Why my embed map once is embeded on my website, doesn't show the updates i make i the map?

It is very strange, i’ve done everything that is on the guides, if i change a text i have to duplicate the whole maps, change the embed code, and posted on the website?

Is not possible to have real time updates?

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Hi, I can't say for sure but could it be that your webpage with the embedded Miro board has been cached by your browser?

Have you tried using Private/Incognito browsing and see if that works?

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Unfortunately that was not the case, we tried on various browsers and incognito windows, and is still the same


I have the same issue.
My embed was not updated when I opened it in incognito mode after editing board.

Bug: Embedding doesn't update

The embedded version doesn’t update the changes you make to a live presentation.

I have tried across multiple devices and browsers. So it doesn’t seem to be a local caching issue. It can only be server side. Or perhaps an extremely slow server caching update setting?


I guess it’s not the intended behavior. That would be really odd.


Otherwise. I love the system!

Hope you can fix the bug ASAP.



Running into the same issue here. Any solutions?


Doesn’t seem to be a cache issue as incognito did not do it for me as well. It’s an odd bug because the src=URL link updates when I go directly to the link itself.

Hello Jonaz,  have you solved this issue? I’m facing the same problem.

Well.. I figured out the updating of embedded content is >incredibly< slow. Maybe something like 24 hours? So it does indeed work. But the server caching of things is tuned to a very slow update.

A competing service like Lucidchart. Has realtime updates for comparison. Cool to watch actually.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Embedding a Miro board in a Zendesk article. The board shows up fine, apart for some font size issues, but when the board board content is changed it does not show in the embedded version. Tried different browsers, incognito etc, but no luck.

Yeah.. also YouTube videos and links to external sites doesn’t work.

I can confirm the same problem:
Created a board, embedded that board, did the first few tests → which all got shown in the embedded version as well. But after a few days no more updates are visible (as of know: more then 48 hourse have passed since the last changes were made).

I can also confirm that this is not due to a local and/or network problem.

@Isman Tanuri maybe you can give us an update regardinig that matter?
Thank you very much!

Adding my voice as I’m having the same issue. 

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as far as I know - the iFrame feature hasn’t updated refreshed content anyway.

But maybe it helps to report this by open a support ticket:




I am sorry what do you mean by “ the iFrame feature hasn’t updated refreshed content anyway “ ?

I have also opened a support ticket….
@Matt Weaver-Yuwono@Jonaz.dk@Stian Hanssen@Ailton Santos Correia@mediche@Ryoju Ohata@Bogdan Maran@Zach Zizl
We should all open a ticket → the more the better…

Ahh, thank you @Michael Mitschke. I’m submitting a ticket now.  

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Hi @Michael Mitschke,

as I know the iFrame feature has the option to load the content into your site just from the moment you put the content into your site.
It never worked that way that it delivered or showed your updated content when it gets updated.
It delivers the content from this moment you added your content into your miro site.

Please correct me when I am wrong.

So if you like to have the update function - either it helps to open a support ticket or open a wishlist wish.



@mlandersNo, that is not the case. I have different, dynamic SaaS embedded through different iframes. (Technically your thoughts about iframes functionality couldnt be further away from what iframe is --> since iframe by itself would have to provide a possibility to “save” a snapshot. It is rather only a “frame” for another html request)