[RESOLVED] How to stop spam invite to board mailers?

My manager sent me an invite via outlook to join a Miro board. I have received 52 mails now despite accepting the invitation. How do I make these stop and why is it happening? 

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Hi @Janais Van Eck 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

If you receive multiple copies of the same email, there may be a connection problem somewhere in your email delivery or downloading process. (Might be a problem in your  Mailing Server)!

But still, if you want to contact the support team Here is the recommended path to doing so: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center

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Hi there,

We are sorry that you received so many emails!

I'm afraid a bug on our end caused all those invitations to be sent. Our team is already aware of the issue and doing their best to resolve it as soon as they can. 

We will update this thread when there’s news from the team. Please bear with us!

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Hi @Janais Van Eck,

I’d love to inform you that this issue has been fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused! 

Hi @Marina - I don’t believe this has been fixed.  We run events where there are multiple boards to share, sometimes ~50.  Because sharing these at project-level would expose the email address of all users with permission to all other users (a potential GDPR breach), we share each board individually using “Share” on the board itself.

Each board we share generates a new invite - just today I was scolded by an attendee for “spamming” them with 50 invites.

I think the solution to this is for Miro to roll-up the invites into a single email.  You could delay sending an invite for a certain time (10 minutes?) and send a digest of all invites in that time?  Even better, set a timer running for sending the invite for, say, 5 minutes and reset the timer each time a new board is shared.  Essentially, only send the invite when another board hasn’t been shared in the 5 minutes after the last.

The email could then be:

Mark has shared “Exercise 1” and 49 other boards with you.


As an interim step, you could go with if you’ve sent an invite to a user in the last 30 minutes, don’t send another.

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Hi @MarkT,

Sorry to hear this :pensive:

I’ve converted your comment into the support ticket so that the team can properly investigate the case. They’ll get back to you via email. 

Hi @Marina - no worries.  I’m actually wondering if, rather than being a bug, this is just the way that Miro currently operates.  Though even if that is the case, I think it needs a fix because no-one wants to receive 50 invites in the space of 2 minutes! :smile:

Hi Marina,

This is actually becoming a little damaging.  On a recent course that we ran, we had the following written in reviews:

“Massive influx of invitations in the inbox seemed a little unneccessary, i had no idea what it was thought it was a virus.”

“Lots of emails about Miro board - but assume this is technical with the Miro site.”

“I was very confused as I was invited to join 30 Miro boards.”


This was just from one event, and we get similar feedback from every event we run (and we run something like 10 events a month).

I really do think you need to batch invites to avoid this, or give us an option to NOT send an invite email.  Could you ask your tech team if there is a workaround in the meantime?  We use the API to share these boards now so that would be where the workaround would help in our case.



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Hi @MarkT,

Thank you for sharing!

Doesn’t sound like the best experience :pensive:  I’ve forwarded your feedback to the relevant team. 

How do I stop the invites from continuing to be sent out? The course where we used Miro happened a week ago & the invites are still being sent for people to join the board. 


Hi @Marina,

Thank you for forwarding to the relevant team.  Here is our latest bad review…


Quality and content of course slides / notes / exercises?
Do not send multiple emails for every miro board.

Pre-course administration?
Do not send multiple emails for every miro board.

Any news on a fix or workaround for this?



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Hi @MarkT,

Thanks again for sharing your user experience!
I’m afraid there is no news to share at this point.
The way Miro invitation notifications operate has not been changed to this day, but your feedback has indeed been addressed to our Product team.
We will make sure to share any change in our Changelog.

I was chastised by another group of attendees today for “spamming them with over 50 emails from Miro” for a single course.  This is causing a lot of pain at our end.  Even just an ability to share a board with the email notification turned off would make a massive difference!  Even if it’s just something in the API without a front-end version; we could make that work.

Perhaps it already exists in the API and I’m just not aware of it; any chance you could escalate this to a tech please, just in case?

I have to apologise for this Miro behaviour on a weekly basis now; it’s a bit disheartening.

Another one today:

“I did register, perhaps before I got to this email as I have just accepted all of the other 26+ email invites! A bit unnecessary, really.”


It feels like I’m apologising for this behaviour on a near-daily basis now.  It’s reached a point where we are considering including the apology in advance, in our event joining instructions. It’s not a great first impression of Miro for our delegates.

This is still ongoing - come on guys... :(



Just received 40 emails from you about your Miro board

Was that Intentional?


Rather losing hope that this will ever be fixed, 10 months later - we still get lambasted on a weekly basis for the number of emails Miro generates for those attending our events.

@Marina @Yvain - please can you at least let me know what the product team felt about this requirement?

 dread to think how many emails Miro sends on a daily basis that it just does not need to send.  If you need extra weight, there must be a real financial cost to Miro of doing that, especially if you are using an ESP (or even if you aren’t, just in CPU time spent dealing with all the many many notifications).

@Marina @Yvain 


Latest customer complaint:

“Just as FYI, I have had several people complain they have had up to 30 Miro invitations sent to their inbox.  Not sure what is going on but potentially some people will have trouble knowing what they should be signing in to at this point.”


Please - any updates?  Just let me turn off sending email invites at this point would do it.  Account level is fine.  Only in the API is fine.  Anything that lets me avoid spamming our users.

The complains and confusion still continue - here is the latest (we get a few queries a week and a lot of comments):


“I’ve received about 40 e-mails from “___ via Miro” looking a little bit like SPAM. Could you please confirm these are related with next week’s course?”