[RESOLVED] Boards keep freezing (iPad, iPhone - iOS)

  • 14 December 2021
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I use Miro 10 hours/day for my role leading Design Thinking at Bose. Today, the majority of my boards are freezing when I zoom in to the point where I need to quit the app and rejoin. I use the Miro iPad app exclusively and have never had this issue before. It seems to be happening more often or sooner on some boards than others, but it’s a fairly consistent problem overall. Anyone else having this issue? 

Arno Gramatke 2 years ago

The Miro team reverted the app. After fully closing the iPad app (swiping it to the top of the screen) and reopening it, I can now work with my boards again.

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28 replies

Yes, that worked. Glad we’re back! Thank Miro.



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So the Miro board is working for me, but does anyone use the Magic Keyboard with their iPad on Miro. I am able to use the touchpad/mouse just fine but as soon as I type or use my pencil on the board the trackpad no longer will allow me to move the board up and down to scroll through my work. Anyone else have this issue?

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This morning (Pacific Time) I am experiencing my Board Freezing when using either the Desktop Miro App or the Desktop Browser Edge (Chromium Engine).  I will submit a Ticket to Support.