Removed someone from a board, his avatar is still visible on top of the board

  • 2 July 2020
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I have removed someone from the board (in the share settings)and he says he doesnt have access anymore. However, his picture is still visible on top of the board so I am not sure.

Can anybody explain why and if I can fix that?

thank you in advance.



3 replies

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@Wikke -

Is it still visible if you exit out of the board (i.e. back to the dashboard) and go back into it again? How long ago did you remove him from the board?

I’ve seen it take a few minutes sometimes for Miro to refresh who is actually on the board in the avatar list at the top but never more than that.


thanks for your reply Kiron,
Yes I have logged out and came back. I deleted the person already few days ago.


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Is there any way that their session might still be persisting because they haven’t exited out of Miro from the device they used to access it? For example, if they used it on a smartphone, the app might still be thinking they are in the board? I believe that when you take access away from someone it should “kick” them out of the board if they are still in it, but there might be a glitch with that.

Are you using Miro from a browser or a phone/tablet/desktop app? If the former, can you try clearing your cache, logging out and logging back into Miro to see if that resolves this?