Пропала доска на бесплатном тарифе

  • 12 August 2021
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У меня пропала доска на бесплатно тарифе, как ее восстановить? https://miro.com/welcomeonboard/cXRCbWNER0RDa1B0WEZwQzVodlZvNDBYZGdpUnF2UTdNM3ZHWFRMakZaZVFDS2lJWEg2YTc4MHg2cE5MV09TYXwzMDc0NDU3MzUzOTY3NjIyNTQw

3 replies

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Hi @тагир,


I hope you won’t mind this reply in english.

If your board was deleted less than 30 days ago, you can restore it using board’s URL.

You can find this URL in your browser history or in your email inbox (if you received notifications related to this board). Board’s URL is different from the link in your message and should look like this :


Once you opened the URL in your browser, you should see the screen below:


Click restore the board and you will find it available in your dashboard again.


I hope this helps! Please let us know if you can’t find your board URL and we will open a support ticket for you to check if we can recover it on our side.

У меня тоже доски пропали все и ничего не могу сделать, не активно поле в аккаунте совсем. Ссылка не сохранилась на доску. Помогите восстановить, пожалуйста.

Hi guys! My Miro board was not deleted but all the important things I had on it are somehow gone. What can I do about it if hacks with restoring the board don’t help? Can I text Support if there is any? Thanks.