Problems for anonymous users accessing public voting

  • 16 September 2020
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Hello, we have setup a voting board which we need to share with the participants of an upcoming zoom meeting via a link we will share on the day. When we test it with others some of the users cannot see at all the vote now popup window and cannot see the thumbs up icon at the bottom in order to vote. Do the voters need to have a guest account in order to vote or is there something else causing the issue.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and solutions.


4 replies

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Voting is available for anonymous guest editors as well so long as the board is shared with them with Edit access. 

You mention that some of the users couldn’t see the voting icon in the toolbar - were both users who could and couldn’t see it using the same method of accessing Miro as it might possibly be a browser compatibility issue or something similar for the users who couldn’t see it?


Hello Kiron,

I think this is it. I didnt know we had to give edit access to the external voters. In term of privacy by giving this edit access to people outside the normal editors does it mean that they might be able to view account information?

Many thanks for your help

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No - depending on the plan you are on, you should be able to restrict their edit access to just a single board which means that unless you explicitly grant them access to a team, project or other board, they wouldn’t see those.


We had the same issue. Guests need to disable any pop-up blockers and refresh the page.