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  • 15 April 2020
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We have the Consultant’s plan. I’m preparing for a workshop and my intent is to use presentation mode to review several frames with my team. When I start to present will everyone I invited to participate automatically see what I am presenting? I don’t want to share my screen because I want people to be able to vote. Then, when “voting” do I need to leave presentation mode?

In addition, my thought was to issue day passes for the people participating in my workshop; but, when I go to invite them I don’t see an option for selecting “occasional user”’ I only see full license.

Lastly, can allow one of the participants to share their screen - and when they do can they share any screen? Or, does it have to be a Miro board?

Signed...rookie Miro user.


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@Jon Boal -

  1. Presentation Mode just enables you to present frames progressively within the board like individual slides in a slide show. It will not change what others collaborating on the board are seeing unless you combine it with the Screen Sharing. If you were sharing your screen using a separate video conferencing tool (e.g. Zoom), then the Presentation Mode would show the other collaborators what you are seeing frame-by-frame.
  2. While voting can be enabled when you are in Screen Sharing mode, those who have joined the Screen Sharing (i.e. the viewers) won’t be able to vote - they can click on objects but their votes won’t register until they stop viewing your screen sharing.
  3. Screen Sharing is only for the current Miro board which you are in. Once you leave that board (e.g. go back to the Dashboard) or switch to a different application, they won’t see that. For that, you’d need to use a general video conferencing tool.


Hi @Kiron Bondale, maybe you’re able to help. 


You mention “It will not change what others collaborating on the board are seeing unless you combine it with the Screen Sharing.” Is that combination possible? It seems that if I start screensharing then I can’t enter presentation mode even though that’s exactly what I’d like to be able to do! 



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@buxy -

Correct - to screen share while in presentation mode you’d have to use something outside of Miro such as Zoom or WebEx to share your screen…


Appreciate it, @Kiron Bondale. Wish you could!