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  • 31 March 2021
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I have a many long screenshots with my data captured for each screenshot, now when I use presentation mode, how can I click a link to show a particular screenshot ? Do I have frame each screenshot separately to be made visible ?


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@Anand Gudimanchi :

Yes, you have to frame each screenshot.

Frames is the same that in PowerPoint the Slides are.

That gives your boardcontent a structure:


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Thank you @mlanders.  

Please can you share me a link on how to create table of contents / Outline where I can click and present different frames in Collaboration workshops to easily navigate different sections of the board / boards. 

Note: I did ask similar question in other thread too but will try my luck.

Thanks a Lot 


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@Anand Gudimanchi -

You wouldn’t need to create a separate table of contents as the Frames panel (first icon in the lower left toolbar) effectively acts that way.