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  • 21 October 2020
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Having read a number of posts re using PowerPoint in Miro, I’d like to confirm something.

When you import a PP slide deck into Miro, it creates a ‘stack’ of the slides, and you have to page through them one by one.

I’d like to import the slides so that they appear as individual slides, so that people can draw on them.




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9 replies

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@Bennie Naude -

Once you upload the PowerPoint deck, you can use the extract pages option in the toolbar to extract some or all of the individual slides:


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@Kiron Bondale thank you - brilliant!

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Can you edit the contents (text of a slide?)

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@Bennie Naude -

Unfortunately, not - you can however drop shapes (including text boxes) on top of an extracted slide, so you could do a rough annotation in that manner.


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Thanks @Kiron Bondale , appreciated.

Hi @Bennie Naude 

I really love this feature to extract all the PowerPoint slides, however on more than one occasion I try and extract the slides and nothing happens. 


I then tried and do the same with another PP doc (on the same board) and the extraction works. 


If you could let me know what I need to do to ensure the ‘extract’ option works all the time, that would be great =] 

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Another issue I have had is that the uploaded slides (whether extracted or not) are not properly formatted - usually because I am using a non-standard font - but it also struggles with some diagrams too.
The work around I use is to export my powerpoint presentation into a pdf document (with page settings to match the format of slides such as widescreen) and then the formatting is preserved.


I would love to see Miro being able to consume Sharepoint-style URLs to embed Powerpoint and other Microsoft Office documents.  

We have Miro integration with Teams, but once you’re in Miro, support for Microsoft documents from the Microsoft Teams ecosystem is not good.  Sharepoint URL support would be a huge step forward.

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@Derek Hoiem - With assistance from your Microsoft 365 admin, about the closest you’re going to come at this time is to install and use the Miro + OneDrive integration app: