Possible to make a master frame design?

  • 15 November 2023
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Hi. New to Miro and loving it so far. One question I have is, is it possible to design a master frame, similar to how you can design a master slide in google slides, etc. I like creating presentations in Miro and would benefit from designing some basic templates in frames. 


Possible? Thanks. 

1 reply

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@Steve Babcock - If you have a paid or Education Plan subscription, you could create a master frame/template and store it as a Custom Template, making it available to any board.

Otherwise, in a Free Plan, you could create a frame and designate it as your master slide and copy and paste/duplicate it as needed.

In this GIF, I created a frame, with a blue vertical shape object, a text object for the title, and then I grabbed a fake logo using the Google Image Search app. Then, I added a white shape at 70% opacity over top. Finally, I locked the whole frame to avoid accidental edits. When I want a copy, I can select the locked frame and duplicate it using Ctrl/Cmd-D.