Participants missing their toolbar? (with editor ability)

  • 2 October 2020
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Hi there,

During a workshop with 13 participants, we had 3 that reported being able to see the left-hand toolbar for a brief few seconds (upon entering the board) and then it would disappear and they would not be able to then interact with anything on the board. Any ideas? (a few notes below)

  • One participant said they had luck leaving the video chat, and re-entering the video chat then the toolbar would stay on.
  • Another person had to open miro in another tab and close their current tab, and that seemed to solve it.

Sounds similar to this unresolved issue:

2 replies

Happens to me occasionally quit/restart always fixes. Not fun in live moment. Hope this helps. 

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@Travis -

How were they accessing Miro? Was it via a browser or through the desktop/tablet app? If the former, then clearing their cache and restarting might be the best bet. Also, did they try going to the dashboard and then back into the board?