No option to delete a project

  • 2 September 2021
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I am clearly the owner, but I have no option to delete this project. 

Can someone help me figure out what’s going on here?


6 replies

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As far as I know, projects are not available on a free plan. Do you happen to have more than one Miro user account and could you be trying to access that project using your free account rather than a paid one?


Curiously though, it lists me as the owner. I checked my other account and it is not at all associated with this account or any of the projects.

I did have a paid account once, perhaps it’s a price I pay for cancelling my subscription :D

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@alesha - I blurred out your email address in your screenshot, to protect your privacy/Miro account email.

It does appear that your account was downgraded from paid to free - it’s likely that you said “yes” to a 14-day paid plan trial, created a project(s), and now you can’t delete/modify them.

I looked for any reference of “projects” in the What Happens When a Subscription Expires Help Center article, but there are none.

While the project should not cause any issues being there, I can understand that it would be nice to remove them, e.g., the project names are no longer relevant.

I will convert this post to support ticket for you. If the support team can confirm you are unable to edit the projects due to your account being downgraded, then perhaps they can

  1. delete the projects for you
  2. note this in the What Happens When a Subscription Expires Help Center article

I have a paid subscription that has not expired and am the owner of a project that I can’t delete because the dialogue box does not pop up.

Team name: CAN Team.

Please advise.

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@Austen Cordasco - If you are using a browser to access Miro, a common culprit for blocked popups are browser extensions. You could try disabling any you may have installed, or opening Miro in an Incognito/private browser window which usually disables all isntalled extensions. You may also need to sign out/back in to your Miro account or clear the browser cache. 

Another option is the Miro desktop app.