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  • 16 October 2021
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Hello ,I am Sirine Gaida I am It student in the field of mobile and app development. I am keen on designing and still new in this topic I want to get the chance to ameliorate my thinking and skills by participating  in these workshops to ameliorate my skills by sharing ideas and communication with skilled people trying my best to ask about the needed tools about my issue in certain thing  .Not sure how to use this online community?

still learning about the platform ? 

1 reply

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Hello Sirine -

Welcome to the Miro user community!

This community is very supportive for new users. If you have questions about how to best perform an action within Miro, you can post it in the Peer Support group. If you have questions about board design, then the Board Design group would be a good place to go but you could also attend one of the many user group events or view webinars as board design is a very popular topic.