Miro board keeps reloading on iPad 10.2"

  • 22 September 2022
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I run the Miro app on my 2020 iPad 10.2” (38GB). I have used the app without issues for the last 2 years.

However, now when I load a board in the app (it’s a quite large board) - the board loads slowly, then just before its done, it reloads. And again, and again.

Other seeming heavy apps work fine.

I have also tested the board on a 2022 iPad Mini and there it loads fine. So the issue seems to be the combination of Miro and the iPad. The iPad should be able to handle the load.

I cannot clear the cache, only deleted or clean the app (which is basically deleting it).

I upgraded to latest iOS and had it on both versions.

Curious if anybody else also has this and what they did to solve it. As a trainer I rely on the app on my ipad in order to draw etc with my Pencil.

1 reply

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Hi @Willem_Vermaak 👋
Thank you for the report!
We’ll need to test the issue on our side so I converted your post into a support ticket. We’ll reach out to you via email shortly. Please bear with us!