Miro badges not displaying in Miro Community profile

  • 1 December 2022
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I aquired all of the Miro badges a little while back, but have noticed that on my community profile it says I have not received any badges yet… They are there in my Credly account, and Miro Academy, but I can’t find any way to connect them to my Miro Community account. Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated.

4 replies

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@Richard Becker - We’ll look into this for you today :)

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@Robert Johnson Thanks Robert! 🙏

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@Richard Becker - So, after some discussion over this, the real issue is that I didn’t fully read the post and went down a rabbit hole 😮

The Miro Academy badges are stored in Credly and are different from inSided/forum badges.

You can share your Miro Academy/Credly badges with various social networks - here’s a YouTube video on how to share them to your LinkedIn profile:


You could then link to your LinkedIn profile from your Miro Community profile page, or even add the URL to your Credly page to your Miro Community Profile signature.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Robert

Sorry about that! Thanks for clearing it up for me 🤓 much appreciated!