Miro Assist Enabled in Feature access but not accessible in a board

  • 21 March 2024
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I have checked and Miro Assist is enabled as per the guidelines but when try to access in a board it is not available.


Anyone any ideas on why this would be the case ?





5 replies

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@John Mannion - Is this on all boards?

What about when you create a new board in your (presumably Enterprise Plan) team?

Do you have it…


Note: If you are accessing the board as a visitor or a guest, i.e., the board exists in a team that you are not a member of, then Miro Assist will not be available to you.

It doesnt appear in either browser or the app version.

I am accessing the board as a member with full license into a team where Miro Assist is enabled (I also have company admin priv so can see the feature is enabled)

Happy to troubleshoot further if you have suggestions

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@John Mannion

To confirm, you have either set to “everyone” or if “specific teams”, you are testing on boards that are in a specified team?


Additionally, this Accept action appears to be new – have you accepted?


I just did and this message appears after using the Accept action:




Yes - can confirm its set to Everyone.



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@John Mannion - As you have found (and confirmed), everything does look good on the surface.

Because any further questions would be pure speculation on my part, and because you are on a paid subscription, I would now have to direct you to open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions: