Max. number of heart emojis on a sticky note?

  • 14 December 2021
  • 1 reply

Hello everybody, I am using sticky notes with a heart emoji for voting on a board. I expect to have around 120 meeting participants, so may be there will be sticky notes that will be preferred by 120 colleagues in a maximum. Is this possible in Miro? 

I read, that around 200 participants can work simoultaneously in MIro, however, I am not sure how it functions with the heart emojis.

Thank you for your support in advance! Pet

1 reply

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out!

There is not limit as to how many heart emojis participants can add to a sticky note as long as there is space! :two_hearts: However, the voting system only allows maximum of 99 votes when selecting the option with the timer. A good alternative to consider is dot voting

Dot voting can be used as a survey or polling method to understand what ideas or tasks a team considers to be the highest priority. Cast votes by posting a dot next to the preferred option. Each team member gets multiple votes, which they are free to cast as they wish: either all toward one idea or distributed across several. 

I hope this helps! :rosette: