Major Performer Lag Issues & Crashing

  • 21 August 2020
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Hello all,

I am using:

  • Chrome Browser
  • Windows 10 Laptop


I have a massive site map I am building.  The site map also has ‘data entry fields’, so it can be quite large.  For example my site map looks like the attached images.


I have usually between 500 - 2000 objects per ‘screen group’ in my sitemap.


When I select a large group of objects with the intent to move them from one area of the frame to another for organization purposes… The whole Chrome window locks up and freezes.  If I have ~200 objects, it still locks up but unfreezes after 6 seconds or so.  With 500 - 1000 objects it locks up and crashes entirely.


I cant exit out of the tab and re-open the tab, the Miro tab still ‘spins’ and doesnt load.  I must close the entire browser when this happens, and re-enter Miro to edit my sitemap.


Problem Summary:

As a user, when I group or try to move in a multi-select object fashion, the whole chrome tab locks up and crashes for 500 - 1000 objects.


How can I avoid this crashing? Its really becoming cumbersome as our work grows in size.


Thanks for the great app!



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@hamster_elite - 

have you tried with the desktop app - how is the performance there?

I’m assuming you’ve reviewed the tips here:



Thank you so much for the quick reply!  I realized I forgot to attach my screenshots of my ‘sitemap’ that I am talking about. See attached please:


I’m assuming you’ve reviewed the tips here:


Yes, the only issues that were relevant to me there are:


Improve performance on large boards

The maximum number of widgets on the board is 100 000. Boards with a large number of widgets become less smooth to navigate and take more time to load, open, and draw the widgets.

To speed up a large board, keep it tidy:

  • delete unnecessary content
  • remove heavy documents
  • resolve comments
  • convert your handwriting to images (make a screenshot of drawing widgets instead)
  • split the board into a few boards (copy and paste large parts of content into another board and then delete it from the original board).


As you can see from my screenshots, there are no:

  • Attached documents
  • No unnecessary content
  • No comments at all
  • No handwriting or external images


I can probably split it up to smaller boards, but I will still have issues with some singular large areas, such as my ‘SideBar’ has many features and has ~1800 objecsts.  So If I try to move that at all it freezes and crashes.


I was not aware there was a desktop app! Thank you for sharing! I will download it and check it out, fingers crossed it helps! I will report back with progress in an hour or so.




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@hamster_elite There’s even a beta version of the desktop app released just two days ago an emphasis on reduced RAM which, depending on your machine, could result in improved performance. Personally, I prefer the desktop app as I usually have at least 4-5 browser tabs open at a minimum, which already lessens the browser’s performance.

Here’s a link to the post about the beta version (with download links to the apps):


Hey all,


MASSIVELY better performance with the windows desktop app :)


Thanks for the advice! I didnt know it even existed! The performance is night and day better!!

Thanks all!