Maintenance Friday?

  • 8 October 2020
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I got a notice that said Miro will be down at 1030AM Friday (Mtn Time for me) - for maintenance. They had a link for more information, which takes me to this page, which is 3 months old.


Can you confirm that this will happen - and will it be within that window or is there a chance it will span outside of that window.  Wondering how much time I need to plan to be down, since I’ll have to create things in another service for that time span.

Did anyone else get that message? Showed up at 705pm MTN Time (Denver, CO); as a bar across the top of the Miro app in Chrome. It is not showing now.


Thanks for any help.


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2 replies

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@Jake_Calabrese - Yes, I received this email and I saw notifications in a few of my Miro accounts today. It appears to be legit and that outage will be 1 hour. 

This is the link in the email that I received:


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And I just realized now that I most likely received this email after using the SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES button last week at