Locked Template - downloaded and not cant remove it

  • 24 December 2021
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Hi All Happy Christmas….  I am a new user to Miro, and absolutely love it…  We use it every day at work for collaborative working.  I am part of a community at work on a shared paid for board, and have my free boards too.  On one of our free boards I downloaded a template from templates, which had some fabulous monsters in it..  as I liked the temperature objects.  However, we chose a different template to work with and now we cant delete the template from our board as it appears to be locked.  Any ideas how we can get rid of it.  We  have all tried to remove it but with no success..

1 reply

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@Jules28 -

Are you able to select the template or any of the objects within it? A brute force way to unlock everything on your board is to move to an unused spot on the board, bring up the right mouse button menu and select the “Unlock all” option. Then, you should be able to create a selection lasso (left mouse button + drag) around the template elements you wish to remove and delete them.